STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grants (VAWA)

CFDA #16.588

STOP Grants promote a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to improving the criminal justice systems’ response to violence against women.  This approach envisions a partnership among law enforcement, prosecution, the courts, victims advocates and service providers to ensure victim safety and offender accountability. 

This grant program provides funding for projects that assist in efforts to reduce violence against women and men, specifically domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence. 

STOP funding is included in the Violence Against Women Act, which was reauthorized in 2013.  STOP Violence Against Women Subrecipients must adhere to all requirements in the VAWA Act.  In Addition, STOP subgrantees must adhere to all requirements in the applicable DOJ Grants Financial Guide, and the OMB Uniform Guidance.  

See STOP Legislative Authority 


Eligible subrecipients for federal STOP Violence Against Women funding include:

  • State Agencies
  • Units of Local Government
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Faith-based Organizations
  • Community Organizations
  • Tribal Government

Utah, as all states, must allocate STOP Violence Against Women funding within the parameters of the Act as follow: 

  • 5% to support court programs
  • 25% to support law enforcement programs
  • 25% to support prosecution programs
  • 30% to support nonprofit, nongovernmental victim services programs (of which 10% must go to culturally specific community based organizations)
  • 15% to further support law enforcement, prosecution, court or victim services programs, at the state’s discretion
Federal Rules
Reporting Requirements

Report Type

Reporting Period

Due Date


Quarterly Progress Report

Q1 (Jul-Sep), Q2 (Oct-Dec), Q3 (Jan-Mar), Q4 (Apr-Jun)

30 days after quarter ends

Utah Grants 

Quarterly Reimbursement Request

Q1 (Jul-Sep), Q2 (Oct-Dec), Q3 (Jan-Mar), Q4 (Apr-Jun)

30 days after quarter ends


Report to Governing Board

2x per Program Year

2x per Program Year


Annual Progress Report

Jul 1st - Jun 30th

Jul 15th

Email to Grant Manager

Program Purposes
Allowable and Unallowable Costs