VOCA Closeout and Funding Decisions

June 30, 2023


The 4th quarter of VOCA ends today, June 30, 2023.  As a reminder, all payment requests are due by July 15.  This is a firm deadline due to it coinciding with the end of the state fiscal year and we are unable to extend this deadline.  PMT and VOCA progress reports are due to be uploaded to the state grant management system by July 30th.  Reports to your governing board should also be uploaded by this date.  

As you are preparing your final payment requests for Year 2 of VOCA, please check the following areas to reduce turnaround time and errors.  

1.  Check your budget and balance tab to ensure you have not gone over in any areas (including in-kind or cash match).   Look at your match carefully.  Match obligations have to be billed by the end of Q4.  

2.  Make sure all desk review/audit re-payments are taken care of.  Any desk review adjustments were outlined in the audit letter you received from Wendy or Bri.  If you need assistance, please contact your grant analyst in an individual email.   

3. Start on your Q4 payment as early as possible as it has the tightest deadline and the above-mentioned items must be taken care of during this billing.  

4.  Use the notes section of the ledger to share information regarding desk review repayment, and provide detailed explanations or budget breakdowns.   

5. When you submit your Q4 progress reports, look at all your previous quarters to make sure they are fully submitted and correct as well.  

UOVC appreciates all of your hard work and dedication to serving victims of crime across the state of Utah. Your agency will receive an email as the grant closes regarding de-obligation reports and final steps to close out your award. For those of you who are awaiting updates on the next cycle of VOCA grants, our UOVC board meeting was held on June 27th.  The award amounts have been approved by the board of directors, and these amounts are final. Our team has started sending out funding notifications and/or mandatory revisions.  Once you receive your revision letter, the portal will open up for any necessary revisions. You will have ten business days to complete your revisions. If you have not received a funding notice, please let me know in a separate email. We are trying to get them all out by the end of today.

Please share this email with anyone on your team involved in these areas. Have a great weekend! 

Dale Oyler
VOCA Program Manager
Utah Office for Victims of Crime

July 12, 2023

Good Afternoon, 

I just wanted to follow up this email with an updated copy of our deobligation form. Please get this form completed and returned to your grant analyst or uploaded to your grant after you submit your final payment request. If you have any questions regarding this form, please reach out to your grant analyst.

Thank you,  
Dale Oyler