*Important VOCA Announcement*

November 9, 2023


It is with a heavy heart that I let you all know this will be my last day as VOCA Program Manager for UOVC. I have been with UOVC for nearly 11 years. Approximately 4 of those years with the Compensation program and 7 years here with our Assistance program. I have been fortunate enough to be here and learn the grants process from my amazing boss, Tallie Viteri. Together and with her direction, we were able to assist in the expansion of victim services across Utah, implement change, and help hire some amazing coworkers from our victim service community. We have an amazing Victim Assistance Program team in Moriah Pease, Melissa Wayment, Pauli Romine, Denette Stanger, Tiffany Mower, Shannon Arrington, Wendy Winder, Brionna Sherratt, Vickie Bushman, Hilde Koenig, and Madi Radcliff. They will still be here working in their respective capacities with our office. We are headed in a great direction at UOVC and you are all in good hands with these experts. I will not be going far as our director, Gary Scheller, has offered me the position of Assistant Director, Reparation Program Manager. Gary took a chance on me nearly 11 years ago, and he’s now giving me a wonderful opportunity to continue to grow and help our office to the best of my abilities.

As far as VOCA is concerned, you all will still be working with your respective grant analysts for your current awards. Any higher level questions or issues should be directed towards Tallie Viteri in the interim. She will direct you accordingly until we make a decision as an office for a replacement or restructure of our programs. I want to thank you all for your dedication to victim services across Utah. You all have been wonderful to work with, I have learned so much by reading and reviewing your grants, I have the utmost respect for your programs and staff. Please know that I will still be here advocating for victims in Utah, helping them get their lives back in a positive direction as much as we can in this field. I start my new position on Tuesday, November 14th. Please let me or Tallie know if you have any questions. My contact information is not changing. Take care and have a great holiday weekend! 


Dale Oyler

VOCA Program Manager   
Utah Office for Victims of Crime