VAWA & SASP Program Year Feedback

July 21, 2022

Dear VAWA and SASP Subgrantees,

As you are aware, the current VAWA/SASP program year will be ending soon (December 31, 2022), and the next RFP process to apply for grant funds beginning January 1, 2023 is upon us. Upon careful consideration, we would like to shift the VAWA and SASP Program Years from a calendar year cycle to the state fiscal year which begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th which would also align with our VOCA funding cycle. By doing so we can better align our funding priorities among our grant programs. How we envision this proceeding is as follows:

  • Current VAWA/SASP subgrantees will receive a six month extension to their current awards in order to be funded through June 30th, 2023 (this will be calculated by taking the current award for each program and dividing it in half) 
  • In the early part of 2023, UOVC will open a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for its separate grant programs-VAWA, SASP, and VOCA and will hold subsequent information and training sessions (January-February)
  • The application process will begin, subgrantees will need to apply to each funding source separately if they wish to apply to more than one (February-April)
  • UOVC will review grant applications through its peer review and screening and allocation process and submit recommendations to the UOVC Board for approval (May-June) 
  • Applicants will receive notice of funding, complete revisions, and begin the new grant year (June-July) 

While there are still many details to consider, it is our hope that streamlining this application process can help to ease administrative burden among both subgrantees as well as UOVC staff. We would be interested to hear any questions and feedback that you may have as we move towards this next step. Should you have questions and feedback, please enter them into the attached form. In order to be transparent to all subgrantees, any questions or feedback not entered into the form will not be considered. The form will be open until Friday, July 29th at 5:00 pm. After that time, we will be able to provide further information on this process. Thank you!

Tallie Viteri
Assistant Director-Grants Administrator
Utah Office for Victims of Crime